It's about the people
Project Dáme hru is a web app created by passionate people from the firm INVENTI. Our aim is to bring ideas how to spend a pleasant time playing games with your friends, family or colleagues.
We created the largest database of traditional games that people can play anywhere with anybody without the need to use any electronics. Play while traveling, in nature, at a party or simply at home.
INVENTI is one of the technological leaders on the Czech market and it has a wide range of competences. Our specialization includes software and mobile app development, software testing and passion projects such as Damehru. The work on Dame hru makes us enjoy our job to the max.
Simultaneously with development and testing we also participate in education, support startups and get curious about AI.
Everyone in INVENTI is on the same team and we love meeting motivated and innovative people that help us all grow.
You are more than welcome to meet us at one of public events and perhaps join our team and further expand Dame hru.
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